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    Throat Forceps

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    Used in tonsillectomy procedures for grasping tonsils

    Colver Tonsil Forceps

    • Used in tonsillectomy procedures
    • 4 x 5 teeth
    • Overall length: 7 1/2"
    €245.69 €131.14
    Designed for grasping and removing fibrous tissue during thyroid surgeries

    Lahey Goiter Traction Forceps

    • 3 x 3 sharp teeth
    • Used during thyroid surgery
    • Overall length: 6"
    €140.62 €77.42
    Ideal for clamping tissue, holding tonsil sponges and placing packing after tonsil removal

    Schnidt Tonsil Forceps

    • Designed for tonsil surgery procedures
    • One open ring
    • Available with light curve or full curve
    From €60.04
    Designed for tongue grasping in a variety of procedures

    Tongue Seizing Forceps

    • Designed for tongue grasping in a variety of oral procedures
    • 21mm serrated oval jaws
    • Overall length: 6 1/4"
    €126.40 €63.20
    Designed for grasping tonsillar tissue during tonsillectomies

    Chauvin Tonsil Forceps

    Do you use Allis Tissue Forceps during tonsillectomies?
    Are you tired of tearing through tonsils?
    STOP using Allis and START using Chauvin Tonsil Forceps!
    Grab your tonsils with confidence!