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    Instrument Care

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    Protects instruments during the autoclaving process

    Autoclaving Foam Cases

    • Protects instruments during sterlization
    • Can be sterilized in gas or steam
    • Made with high quality foam
    From €24.49
    Protects delicate ear instruments during daily use and sterilization

    Sterilization Trays for Ear Instruments

    • Protects delicate ear instruments
    • Latchable cover
    • Silicone inserts keep instruments organized
    From €32.39
    Intended to help identify, organize and track surgical instruments through processing and use

    Identification Tape

    • Identify surgical instruments
    • Adheres strongly to instruments
    • Withstands the sterilization process
    • Available in 9 colors
    From €19.75
    Protect valuable instruments during sterilization and handling

    Vented Instrument Guards

    • Protects instruments during sterlization
    • Various sizes & colors available
    • Autoclavable
    From €37.92
    	Miltex Instrument Care Kit includes Spray Lube, Instrument Cleaners, Stain Remover, 2 Brushes, 1 DVD and instrument care booklet

    Miltex Instrument Care Kit

    • A great way to try out various products
    • Includes cleaners & brushes
    • 25 minute step-by-step DVD
    Neutral PH formula for use in ultrasonic cleaners or manual cleaning surgical instruments

    Instrument Cleaner

    • Neutral PH formula
    • Can be used in ultrasonic cleaners
    • Compatible with a wide variety of materials
    Special powdered formula removes stains and tarnish from surgical instruments

    Instrument Stain Remover

    • Remover stains and tarnish
    • Restores luster to instruments
    • Compatible with a wide variety of materials
    	Lubricates all moving parts on surgical instruments

    Spray Lube

    • Lubricates moving parts on instruments
    • Anti-corrosive
    • Helps prevent spotting, staining & rusting
    €11.85 €10.27
    Nylon Surgical Instrument Cleaning Brush

    Nylon Instrument Cleaning Brushes

    • Won't scratch or harm delicate surfaces
    • Nylon bristles
    • Set of 3 nylon brushes
    €20.54 €18.17
    Stainless Steel Surgical Instrument Cleaning Brush

    Stainless Steel Instrument Cleaning Brushes

    • Designed to clean serrations, rasps, files and burs
    • Stainless steel bristles
    • Set of 3 brushes
    €22.12 €18.96
    Large Clean Brush for Flexible Endoscope Disinfection Tubes

    Cleaning Brushes for Endoscope Tubes

    • Ideal for endoscope disinfection tubes
    • Malleable handle
    • Durable nylon bristles
    From €8.69
    An abrasive foam pad designed to aid in cleaning  the tips of cautery probes and electrosurgical forceps

    Cautery Tip Cleaner

    • Removes material from the tips of cautery probes
    • Strong adhesive backside
    • 35 per box
    €47.40 €33.18
    Allows clearer vision and interruptions during surgery

    GOLFF Anti-Fog Solution

    • Allows clearer vision and interruptions during surgery
    • Adhesive sponge for secure placement
    • Ideal for laparoscopes
    €11.06 €7.90