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    Double-ended Retractors

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    Features small blade on one side and large blade on the other side

    Crille Double-ended Retractor

    • Blades are concave
    • One small & one large blade
    • Overall length: 4 1/2"
    €48.19 €26.86
    Malleable ribbon retractor available in three widths

    Pediatric Ribbon Retractors

    • Malleable
    • Overall length: 7"
    • Available in three widths
    From €33.18
    General surgery double-ended retractor used to pull apart incision edges and retract soft tissue

    Ragnell Double-ended Retractor

    • A general surgery retractor
    • Smooth blades with lightly curved rounded lips
    • Overall length: 6"
    €76.63 €43.45
    Used to expose wounds and surface layers of skin

    Senn Double-ended Retractors

    • Used to expose wounds & surface layers of skin
    • Angled, blunt blade with three prong rake tip on opposite end
    • Sharp or blunt prongs
    From €24.49
    Commonly used during small wounds and abdominal surgery procedures

    U.S. Army Double-ended Retractor

    • Used to expose wounds & surface layers of skin
    • Fenestrated handle
    • Set of two
    €49.77 €26.86