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    Derm 102 Bovie High Frequency Desiccator

    Manufacturer: Bovie
    • Designed for in-office minor skin procedures
    • Ten watts of power, adjustable in 1/10th watt increments
    • Power can be adjusted using the 3-button handpiece
    Item Number: ES-DERM102
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    • Offers ten watts of monopolar or bipolar *power, adjustable in 1/10th watt increments to desiccate and fulgurate tissue
    • Designed to give practitioners the ability to perform in-office, minor skin procedures such as the removal of skin tags, benign lesions and premalignant lesions
    • Power can be adjusted using the 3-button power control handpiece (A902) or using the rotary dial on the unit
    • Features a large, bright, LED display for excellent visibility across the procedure room
    • Comes with a total of 18 disposable dermal tips
    • Affordably priced to minimize facility’s expense and maximize return on investment

    *To utilize this bipoloar feature the A827V bipolar cable, a bipolarforcep and footswitch activation are required

    Included with ES-DERM102 Bovie High Frequency Disiccator

    • AA902 – 3 Button Power Control Handpiece (Qty: 1 ea.)
    • A804 – Non-Sterile Sharp Dermal Tips (Qty: 5 ea.)
    • A805 – Sterile Sharp Dermal Tips (Qty: 2 ea.)
    • A806 – Non-Sterile Blunt Dermal Tips (Qty: 5 ea.)
    • A807 – Sterile Blunt Dermal Tips (Qty: 2 ea.)
    • A806DE – Non-Sterile DERM-Elite™ Premium Blunt Dermal Tip (Qty: 2 ea.)
    • A807DE – Sterile DERM-Elite™ Premium Blunt Dermal Tip (Qty: 2 ea.)
    • A910 – Non-Sterile Disposable Handpiece Sheath (Qty: 2 ea.)
    • A837 – Wall Mount Kit (Qty: 1 ea.)
    • Medical-Grade Power Cord 110 VAC (Qty: 1)
    • MC-55-173-001 – User’s Guide (CD Format)

    Additonal Accessores Available to Purchase

    • ES-A803 – Footswitch (Qty: 1)
    • ES0991E – Grounding Plate (Qty: 1)
    • ES8009 – Return Cord (Qty: 1)
    • Bipolar Forceps of your Choice (Qty: 1)
    • ES-870 – Bipolar Cable (Qty: 1)
    • ES1725– Needle Electrode (Qty: 1)
    • ES1735– 3/4" Scalpel Electrode (Qty: 1)
    • ES1764– Ball Electrode (Qty: 1)
    • ES1741– 3/8" Loop Electrode (Qty: 1)